Emmo Monta C2 Electric Bike

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Gloss Pearl White
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Welcome to the Future of Travel

Meet the Emmo Monta C2 Electric Bike – your new ally in the bustling city life. It’s not just a bike; it’s a statement of efficiency and eco-friendliness wrapped in a sleek design. Perfect for the eco-conscious commuter or the weekend adventurer, the Monta C2 is here to transform how you move, all while keeping our planet in mind.

Why You’ll Love the Monta C2

  • Feel the power with a 500W motor that makes hills a breeze.
  • Go the distance with a 48V/14Ah battery designed for the long haul.
  • Ride your way with 5 levels of pedal assist – from a gentle push to full throttle.
  • Carry your essentials effortlessly with smartly integrated racks.
  • Count on the rustproof chain for a smooth, worry-free ride.
  • Stay safe with dual disc brakes that won’t let you down, rain or shine.

Style Meets Substance

The Emmo Monta C2 isn’t just about getting from A to B; it’s about enjoying every moment of the journey. Its minimalist design turns heads, while the sturdy build promises lasting enjoyment. Every detail, from the rustproof chain to the practical racks, is crafted with your urban lifestyle in mind.

Comfort on Every Ride

Imagine gliding through the streets with ease, thanks to the Monta C2’s responsive pedal assist and powerful motor. The thoughtful design extends to your comfort, with a suspension and seat that make even the longest rides a pleasure. Ready to explore further?

Power Up and Go

The Monta C2’s heart beats with a dependable 48V/14Ah Lithium Battery, giving you the freedom to roam without range anxiety. Charging is simple and quick, ensuring you’re always ready for your next urban adventure. Longevity? Check. Reliability? Double-check.

Safety Shines Through

With the Monta C2, your well-being is top priority. Experience the confidence of superior stopping power with its dual disc brakes and stay visible with integrated lights and reflective tire striping. It’s about enjoying the ride with peace of mind.

Make It Yours

The Emmo Monta C2 is more than a mode of transport; it’s a canvas for your personality. While it may not boast direct app connectivity, it offers ample opportunities to accessorize and customize. Make it uniquely yours and ride in style.

Our Promise to You

Choose the Monta C2 and enjoy the backing of a solid 1-year warranty and a team of support experts ready to assist you. It’s our way of showing commitment to your satisfaction and belief in the quality of our electric bike.

Your Journey Redefined

The Emmo Monta C2 Electric Bike is more than a ride – it’s a revolution in your daily commute and leisure trips. With its blend of technology, comfort, and eco-friendliness, it’s not just changing the way we travel; it’s paving the way for a sustainable future. Ready to join the movement?


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