Evolv Corsa Electric Scooter

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Welcome to the Future of Urban Travel

Imagine zipping through the city with ease on the Evolv Corsa Electric Scooter – your new partner for both daily commutes and spontaneous adventures. This scooter isn’t just about getting from A to B; it’s about transforming your travel into an exhilarating, reliable experience. Ready to make every journey something to look forward to?

Why You’ll Love the Evolv Corsa

  • Feel the rush with dual motors that make acceleration smooth and swift – no more sluggish starts!
  • Go the distance with a battery that takes you up to 60 km, perfect for your daily needs and then some.
  • Stop on a dime with top-notch brakes, giving you confidence in your safety.
  • Ride in comfort with tires designed to glide over bumps and uneven surfaces.
  • Enjoy a smooth journey with suspension that handles all kinds of terrain with ease.
  • Be seen and safe with bright lights that guide your way at night.
  • Keep track of your ride stats with a smart display that’s like your personal dashboard.

Sleek Design Meets Practicality

The Evolv Corsa isn’t just about performance; it’s a statement of style. Its aluminum frame is a perfect blend of durability and lightness, making it a breeze to carry and store. Plus, the attention to detail in its design means you’ll be turning heads as you glide by.

Performance That Excites

With the Evolv Corsa, every ride is a thrill. Its twin motors offer the zip you need to spice up your commute, while the suspension and tires work together to make every road feel like smooth sailing. It’s not just about speed; it’s about enjoying every moment on the road.

Power Up and Go

The heart of the Corsa is its long-lasting battery. Charge it while you sleep and wake up to a scooter that’s ready to take on the day with you. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to freedom.

Ride with Peace of Mind

Your safety is our priority. The Evolv Corsa’s advanced braking system and bright LED lights mean you can ride with confidence, day or night. Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s our promise to you.

Smart Features for a Personalized Ride

Get to know your scooter like the back of your hand with the Corsa’s smart display. Monitor your speed, battery life, and more, all while customizing your ride to fit your unique style and preferences.

Our Commitment to You

With the Evolv Corsa, you’re not just buying a scooter; you’re gaining a reliable companion. Our comprehensive warranty and dedicated support team are here to ensure your journey is smooth, every step of the way.

Your Journey Awaits

Step into the spotlight with the Evolv Corsa Electric Scooter. It’s more than just transportation; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers power, style, and peace of mind. Ready to embrace the future of urban travel? The Evolv Corsa is waiting for you.


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Top Speed

44 mph (70.8 km/h)


37.0 miles (60 km)

Motor Power

Dual 1200W motors: 2400W


Battery Capacity

60V 26Ah

Charging Time

7 Hours

Brakes & Safety

Weight Capacity

330 Lbs

Vehicle Weight

99 Lbs

Braking System

Hydraulic Discs

Additional Features

Additional Features

LCD Display

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