Evolv Pro R Electric Scooter

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Welcome to the Future of Urban Travel

Meet the Evolv Pro R Electric Scooter – your new best friend for city adventures. It’s not just a scooter; it’s your ticket to a smooth, stylish, and efficient ride through the urban jungle. Ready to redefine your commute?

Why You’ll Love the Evolv Pro R

  • Zip through the streets with dual motors that pack a punch, hitting speeds of 44 mph.
  • Go the distance with a 50-mile range, perfect for your daily errands or a leisurely park ride.
  • Stop on a dime with top-notch hydraulic brakes – safety first!
  • Keep an eye on your ride stats with a crystal-clear 3.5-inch display.
  • Enjoy a buttery-smooth ride thanks to a multi-shock suspension system.
  • Easy storage and transport? Check! It folds up in a snap.

Sleek, Sturdy, and Built to Last

The Evolv Pro R isn’t just a pretty face. Its aviation-grade aluminum frame can handle up to 265 lbs, and its matte black finish is as durable as it is elegant. Every detail, from the rugged handlebars to the non-slip deck, is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

Unmatched Performance Meets Ultimate Comfort

Feel the thrill of dual motors that deliver instant power without sacrificing control. Glide over bumps and cracks with ease, thanks to the 10-inch tires and a suspension that’s like floating on air. It’s the perfect balance of zippy acceleration and smooth handling.

Power Up and Go

The Evolv Pro R’s heart is its long-lasting LG battery. Charge it overnight, and you’re set for a full day’s adventure. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to spontaneous detours and extra stops!

Stay Safe, Be Seen

With the Evolv Pro R, safety is never an afterthought. Its hydraulic brakes respond quickly, and with bright lights and reflective stickers, you’ll be visible from dusk till dawn. Ride with confidence, knowing you’re well-protected.

Make It Yours

Get to know your ride inside out. The Evolv Pro R’s smart display gives you the lowdown on your speed and battery, and lets you tweak your ride settings for a truly tailored experience. It’s your ride, your way.

Our Promise to You

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 12-month warranty and a customer support team that’s always there for you. With the Evolv Pro R, you’re not just buying a scooter; you’re gaining a reliable partner for your travels.

Your Journey Starts Here

The Evolv Pro R Electric Scooter is more than just a ride; it’s a statement. It’s for the go-getters, the trendsetters, and the eco-conscious. With its blend of speed, safety, and style, it’s the smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade their urban commute. Ready to join the revolution? The Evolv Pro R is waiting for you.








Top Speed

44 mph (70.8 km/h)


43.0 miles (69 km)

Motor Power

Dual 1200W: 2400W


Battery Capacity

Samsung 60V 21Ah

Charging Time

8 Hours

Brakes & Safety

Weight Capacity

330 Lbs

Vehicle Weight

80 Lbs

Braking System

Hydraulic Discs

Additional Features

Additional Features

LCD Display

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