MotoTec Mini Bike 1500W Electric Bike

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Welcome to the Ride of Tomorrow

Imagine cruising through the city with ease and a touch of excitement – that’s the MotoTec Mini Bike 1500W Electric Bike for you. It’s not just a bike; it’s your eco-friendly companion for fun-filled urban escapades. With its powerful motor and chic look, the MotoTec Mini Bike is here to transform your journeys into thrilling adventures, all while caring for our planet.

Why You’ll Love This Bike

  • Feel the power with a 1500W motor that offers high performance without the noise.
  • Choose your adventure with a long-lasting 60V Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Ride with pride knowing it’s EPA certified for cleaner commutes.
  • Perfect fit for everyone with an adjustable seat height.
  • Stop on a dime with top-notch hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Enjoy a buttery smooth ride thanks to the front and rear suspension.
  • See and be seen with the bright LED headlight.
  • Keep track of your power with a handy key start and battery meter.

Stylish and Sturdy Design

The MotoTec Mini Bike isn’t just about performance; it’s also a style statement. Its high-tensile steel frame is the perfect blend of durability and lightness, ensuring your bike is both tough and easy to handle. The sleek black finish and compact size make it a head-turner for riders of all ages.

Unmatched Performance and Comfort

Ready for an adrenaline rush? The MotoTec Mini Bike’s 1500W motor is all about exhilarating speeds. And don’t worry about comfort – the adjustable seat and smooth suspension mean you’ll love every minute, whether you’re on a quick errand or a leisurely ride.

Go Further with Every Charge

With the MotoTec Mini Bike, range anxiety is a thing of the past. Its efficient 60V Lithium-Ion battery means you can enjoy extended rides. Charging is quick and easy, so you’re always ready for your next adventure.

Ride with Confidence

Your safety is our priority. The MotoTec Mini Bike comes with a bright LED headlight for those evening rides and powerful hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping. Ride confidently, knowing you’re in good hands.

Make It Yours

The MotoTec Mini Bike is your canvas. While it keeps things simple without fancy tech, it offers ample opportunities for customization. Adjust the seat, add accessories, and make it uniquely yours.

Peace of Mind with Every Purchase

Invest in the MotoTec Mini Bike with confidence. Enjoy a comprehensive warranty and customer support that’s always there for you. Ride worry-free, knowing we’ve got your back.

Your Eco-Friendly Adventure Awaits

The MotoTec Mini Bike 1500W Electric Bike is more than just a ride; it’s a statement for a sustainable future. It’s the perfect blend of thrill and responsibility, designed for those who dare to embrace the electric lifestyle. Ready to make your daily commute an adventure? The MotoTec Mini Bike is waiting for you.








Top Speed

28 mph (45.1 km/h)


25.0 miles (40 km)

Motor Power

60V 1500W Hub


Battery Capacity

60V 20Ah Lithium Ion

Charging Time

10 Hours

Brakes & Safety

Weight Capacity

220 Lbs

Vehicle Weight

119 Lbs

Braking System

F/R Hydraulic discs

Additional Features

Additional Features

LCD Display

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