QuietKat Ibex Electric Bike

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Hey there, fellow explorer! Ready to leave the beaten path behind? Meet the QuietKat Ibex Electric Bike, your new best friend for adventure. It’s built for the great outdoors, letting you sneak through the wilderness quietly and without leaving a carbon footprint. The Ibex isn’t just a bike; it’s your ticket to excitement and eco-friendly exploration.

**Why You’ll Love the Ibex**

– **Conquer Any Terrain**: The Ibex laughs in the face of rocky paths and muddy trails. It’s your all-access pass to nature’s wonders.
– **Power at Your Fingertips**: A robust motor gives you that extra push when you’re climbing hills or just need a break from pedaling.
– **Go the Distance**: With a battery that keeps you rolling, wave goodbye to range anxiety and hello to new horizons.
– **Tough as Nails**: This bike is built to last, ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at it.
– **Stop on a Dime**: Safety first! The advanced brakes mean you’re in control, even when the trail gets wild.
– **Carry Your Gear**: An integrated rack means you can bring along whatever you need for your adventure.

**Design and Durability**

The QuietKat Ibex isn’t just tough; it’s smartly designed with a suspension system that keeps you stable when the going gets rough. Every inch, from the sturdy wheels to the comfy grips and saddle, is crafted for quality and style. It’s a bike that looks as good as it performs.

**Smooth Rides, Epic Adventures**

Feel the power of the Ibex as it takes on steep climbs and soft ground with ease. The suspension and fat tires work together to smooth out bumps, so you stay comfy no matter how long you’re in the saddle. It’s about enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

**Battery Life to Keep You Exploring**

The Ibex’s battery is your trusty sidekick for long trips. It’s a breeze to charge, and it’s designed to keep up with your thirst for adventure. You can count on it to be ready for tomorrow’s journey.

**Safety Comes Standard**

With the Ibex, you’re visible and in control, thanks to bright lights and top-notch brakes. The solid frame and responsive handling mean you can focus on the fun, knowing your bike’s got your back.

**Make It Yours**

The Ibex is more than a bike; it’s a canvas for your personality. Deck it out with accessories, track your routes, or tweak it to perfection. It’s all about making your Ibex uniquely yours.

**Peace of Mind Included**

Buying an Ibex means you’re covered. With a solid warranty and a support team ready to help, you can ride with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back every pedal of the way.


The QuietKat Ibex Electric Bike is more than just a way to get around; it’s a revolution in off-road adventure. It’s powerful, reliable, and ready to take you where other bikes can’t. So, are you ready to answer the call of the wild with the Ibex as your trusted companion?








Top Speed

20 mph (32.19 km/h)


63.0 miles (101 km)

Motor Power

Ultra-Drive 1000W (Mid-Drive)


Battery Capacity

48V 21Ah

Charging Time

6 – 8 Hours

Brakes & Safety

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Vehicle Weight

75 Lbs

Braking System

TEKTRO 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc

Additional Features

Additional Features

LED Display

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