Torrot Trial Two Electric Motorbike

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Welcome to the Future of Riding

Meet the Torrot Trial Two: your eco-friendly companion that’s revving up the excitement in electric motorbikes. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an off-road enthusiast, the Torrot Trial Two is here to deliver a thrilling, emission-free ride. Let’s dive into what sets this electric marvel apart.

Discover the Highlights

  • Experience the whisper-quiet yet potent ride with our sophisticated electric motor.
  • Adaptable design for city streets and off-road adventures alike.
  • Long-lasting battery life paired with quick recharge capability for uninterrupted journeys.
  • Smart connectivity at your fingertips for a seamless and secure riding experience.
  • Customizable settings to match your riding style and comfort.

Sturdy and Stylish

The Torrot Trial Two is a blend of strength and style, crafted to endure the toughest paths while turning heads. Its lightweight frame doesn’t compromise on durability, ensuring that your ride is as reliable as it is sleek.

Smooth Sailing on Any Road

Ready for a smooth ride? The Torrot Trial Two’s powerful motor and fine-tuned suspension deliver responsive and comfortable handling, no matter where your journey takes you.

Go the Distance

Say goodbye to range anxiety. The Torrot Trial Two’s advanced battery system lets you enjoy extended rides with the peace of mind that comes from fast and easy charging.

Ride with Confidence

Your safety is our priority. The Torrot Trial Two comes equipped with top-notch brakes, suspension, and LED lighting to ensure you’re seen and in control, for a worry-free ride in any condition.

Smart Riding, Your Way

Customize your ride with the Trial Two’s cutting-edge connectivity. Sync your smartphone for real-time ride data, enhanced security, and personalization right at your fingertips.

Our Commitment to You

At Torrot, your satisfaction drives us. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive warranty and support for the Trial Two, ensuring your journey towards sustainable transport is as smooth as your ride.

Your Eco-Friendly Ride Awaits

The Torrot Trial Two isn’t just a motorbike; it’s a commitment to eco-conscious travel without sacrificing the thrill of the ride. Perfect for the daily commute or your next outdoor adventure, the Trial Two is your gateway to a cleaner, exhilarating future on two wheels. Ready to join the electric revolution?


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Top Speed

25.00 mph (40.23 km/h)

Motor Power

600W -1500W


Battery Capacity

48V 8, 8Ah w/ BMS

Charging Time

4 Hours

Brakes & Safety

Weight Capacity

88 Lbs; Recommended age: 6 to 11 yo

Vehicle Weight

66.1 Lbs

Braking System

Hydraulic 160mm discs

Additional Features

Additional Features

Parental Control via App

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